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Jewelry Articles 2014

Handmade Jewellery - Endless Benefits
Handmade jewellery seemed to have faded away in the past few years, with machine made ornaments taking over the entire industry. However, lately people are waking up to the unusual jewellery that is crafted by artisans who work with their hands. In fact, the appeal of such ornaments is so extensive that most people are choosing it for special occasions rather than picking out machine made ornaments. [...]

Murano Glass Jewelry
Murano glass jewelry dates back as far as seven hundred years ago. This type of glass jewels was first manufactured in Venice, but the furnaces were later moved to Murano, which is approximately ten minutes boat ride from Venice. Because the Venetians were the first to produce crystal clear glass, the formula had to be very well protected, thus the birth of murano glass jewelry. Since then, many countries have started manufacturing glass jewelry, but somehow they have failed to meet the high standards of Italian murano glass jewelry. [...]

Benefit From Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Shopping has become pleasure and non-strenuous after the advent of internet. Sitting at home one can shop from all over the world. It is all the more true when it comes to wholesale costume jewelry shopping. One can get into stores of any country without setting a foot on the soil. No more travel hassles, long journey to various countries, with different languages, cultures, food and time zones. [...]

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