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Axel Jewelry - Jewelry in silver, rhodium, gothic, heavy metal.
Blue Sky Jewelry - Custom and contemporary hand crafted gold and silver.
Bo Harper Fine - Sporting jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold.
Bolo Tie Shop - Bolo Ties handmade with sterling silver using Wyoming jade.
Buckles by Jim - Handcrafted buckles made in bronze and or sterling silver to show your company.
Buckles Etc. - Handcrafted, silver and gold, custom belt buckles and western jewelry.
ClaireWorks - On-line gallery featuring jewelry and other fine works of artist Claire L. Haye.
Clangold - Scottish hand-crafted jewellery.
Dancing Mantis - Handcrafted jewelry inspired by ancient & modern traditions.
Deborah Hamm - Designer works in platinum, 18k gold and sterling silver.
Designs by Phyllis - One of a kind jewelry designs handmade.
Dragon Art - Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and hand flowers created from small metal links.
Elizabeth - Handmade sterling silver, gold and copper jewelry with semi-precious stones.
Emmy MacKenzie - Jewelry and miniature sculpture in sterling silver, gold, or platinum with colored gemstones.
Fine Jewelry - Fine gold and silver jewelry by artist Poppy Vincent.
Flax Metal Arts Studio - Sterling Silver and Bronze belt buckles featuring landscape and celtic.
Gayle Bright - Sculptress and designer of fine jewelry and functional art.
Hammers - Thor's Hammers, valknuts, candles, rune pendants, rings and other.
Handcrafted Jewelry.Com - Jewelry created by Dennis J. Montilepre a So. California jewelry artisan who uses silver, brass and gemstones.
Hawke Originals - Offering hand crafted sterling silver and 14kt gold jewelry set with fossils and other.
JC Jewelers - Specializing in jewelry handcrafted from precious stones and the noble.
Jennie Lorette - Turning mud into gemstones, handmade pottery stones and beads with multidimensional depth.
Jerry Logan - Hand crafted jewelry combining sterling silver, copper, gold filled and semi-precious stones.
Jewelry Adventure - Designs by Ruthie and Mike Cohen in sterling silver, vermeil, and 14 and 18k gold.
Jewelry by Rina - Original earring designs featuring unique sterling silver and or vermeil sometimes.
Jill Alessandra's - Designs in sterling silver and gold featuring the Roots and Trees collection.
Jo Herbert - Hand crafted jewelry in silver and gold designed by Jo Herbert in England.
Joyce Clements - One-of-a-kind jewelry in precious metals and stones.
Jyenny Babcock - Custom designed, hand-craft sterling silver jewelry.
Kells Gold & Silversmiths - Handcrafted silver and gold jewelry set with Iona marble and a range.
Linda Macdonald - Hand made jewellery designed using simplistic lines and contrasting metals.
Luna Parc - Hand-crafted thimbles, mechanical insect jewelry, and handmade bronze and sterling silver miniatures.
Maile of the Dreamseeker - Hand crafted chainmail jewelry in metals ranging from silver.
Maja designs - Contemporary art jewelry, unique designs.
Marble Canyon - Custom silver and mixed metal jewelry, featuring semi-precious stones.
McLeod's - Gold, silver and platinum, with or without gemstones.
Mendy Marks - Anodized aluminun, sterling silver and 14 kt.
Monica Designs - Silver, gold and natural materials.
Monique leon - Sterling silver and bronze pieces strong in style yet feminine and simple. - Specializing in custom designed jewelry using rare and unusual gemstones.
Out West Designs - Features custom designed wearable art jewelry of designer L.W. Dinneen.
Poetry Rings - Custom made text, puzzle, and stone rings.
Poquette Designs - Precious metals and gemstones in contemporary designs.
Portfolio Metalwork - Kathleen and Thomas Reardon create jewelry that is a blend of mixed metals ranging.
Precious Metalsmith - Specializing in Mokume Gane, a Japanese technique of using contrasting.
Puzzle Rings - Pewter talismans, gold and silver rings. Online ordering.
Richard C. Schrei - High relief hand engraving of sterling silver, copper and 18K gold, handcut, engraved and forged.
RuneMaster - Celtic, Nordic and Medieval jewelry designed in England by Maelstrom.
Sea Dreams - Original handcrafted designs in 14k gold, sterling silver, semi and precious.
Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is a more rugged alloy than gold or silver. - Sterling silver jewelry.
Stone Gallery - Designer handmade jewelry from the cotswolds.
Susan Sarantos - Specializing in precious multicolor metals and gems.
Susan Waldes - Modern jewelry handcrafted in innovative and traditional materials.
Terry Warbey Gold - Terence Warbey has been a gold and silversmith for nearly four decades.
The Quarter Smith - Selection of handcrafted jewelry by designer Ken Bowers.
Thomas Eimer III, - Thomas Eimer III has perfected the art of using the horse shoe nail to create his one of a kind equestrian jewelry.
Ti Designs - Custom handmade titanium jewelry by Ed Sassler. - Offering fossilized sharktooth pendants set in 14kt gold or sterling silver.
Videre Jewelry Design - Handcrafted silver, gold, and platinum designs using classic techniques.
Walker Jewelers - Jewelry, handcrafted gold, sterling silver, cut-out coins and personalized.
Ward Works - Earrings, bracelets, and eyewires created by the artist from sterling silver, gold, and anodized aluminum.
Wellstone Jewelry - Handcrafted metaphysical, Celtic, goddess, angel, Tarot, and totem jewelry.

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